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Sustainable Weight Loss

Consumers today are more impatient than ever. With technology and medical services that are so powerful and can promise instant gratification, consumers are on the constant look out for products and services that can provide immediate solutions to their problems. In our fast paced world, consumers are no longer accepting of explanations that certain situations and problems cannot and should not be resolved immediately.  Products and services with long term effects thus tends to be less favourable among consumers. Being human, we also have a natural tendency to believe more in tangible and apparent effects, thus it can be hard for us to accept long term solutions where progress tends to be more gradual.

One situation in which the above explanation applies to is weight loss. People that want to lose weight tend to choose unique methods that are most effective nutritionist in Adelaide. They want instant results and are willing to go to drastic measures such as purging one’s stomach of food he/she has eaten or going on extreme diets. Some people even go for surgical procedures such as liposuction to remove fat from their bodies. Another popular option is to take weight loss pills which tends to reduce one’s appetite. Such methods allow the consumer to make the least effort while achieving the results they want. While this proves the efficiency of modern medicine and technology, losing weight is not just about hitting a target on the weighing scale. Consumers tend to miss out the point of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle due to the vast offerings of ‘miracle’ products.

Losing weight should be done in a way that can be sustainable through regular exercise and proper nutrition. When one goes on an extreme diet, the body loses muscles first rather than fat. Fat deposits are usually conserved. As such, the weight lost through cutting down our food intake simply makes us lose muscles. Dieting is mostly recommended for obese people who have a much higher calorie intake than they should and the process should be monitored by a dietician. It is never recommended to go on an extreme diet as we can hurt our bodies in the process.

Exercise is the best way to burn fat and calories. It is a long term solution to maintain a healthy weight and body. It is also the most natural way to lose weight because the body is converting nutrients from our food to energy. Exercise also strengthens our bones, muscles, physical and mental condition, reducing our possibility of falling ill. While it can be a physically demanding process, it is the most effective way to lose weight without harming the body.

Certain sports dietitian can facilitate weight loss as well due to natural ingredients that encourage metabolism or the processing of fat in our bodies. While these pills may not be the most effective, they are less harmful than artificial drugs and can be taken in the long term.

Ultimately, weight loss should be viewed in the long term. Pills or procedures that promise weight loss in the short term tends to change the way our body works and may not be the best option.

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